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tv   Headline News  RT  October 8, 2013 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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branch out of hand many in iran are just as mistrustful is this quest for peace of fools. it's three pm right now in moscow headlining today on r t president putin demands an apology from the netherlands after russian diplomats reportedly attacked and beaten by police in the hague. never let a good crisis go to waste china turns to europe for investment opportunities snapping up companies all over the austerity continent. the swiss army simulates a war against a debt stricken french government that sent troops into a compass goal.
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over again after we've used joins us my name is kevin i mean this is r.t. our top story russia's president demanding an apology from the netherlands today over the treatment of a russian diplomat who was allegedly attacked and forcibly detained by police in the hague the diplomat was reportedly beaten and cuffed and brought to a police station to be released shortly afterwards it comes as other issues spark a diplomatic spat between the two countries are reports. it's a rather murky story but it's a mostly the information is coming from the diplomat himself and the ministry of foreign affairs according to the diplomats here his home was. he was accosted by several uniformed men. armed men who have forced their entry into his house he had received a blow on his head with a baton to police allegedly have said that they have received information that the president the diplomat was mistreating his children afterwards physical had says he along with his children was taken into custody. and kept there for several hours
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now this story has reached the highest the ranks of the russian government with the russian president wasn't reacting in this way to the situation let's have a listen at the could be sure they're sure you can see. this is a flagrant violation of the vienna convention we are waiting clarification on apology and punishment of those responsible for our reaction depends on how the dutch side will behave and of course you can imagine that the minister of foreign affairs of russia is also outraged in fact they have given the netherlands until six pm moscow time to provide adequate explanations as to the situation now this comes against the backdrop of already strained relations between them and between moscow and the hague in amsterdam in lieu of the recent to developments with the greenpeace vessel the arctic sunrise which of course is has been in waters under the dutch flag and russian foreign affairs have said that they have had issues with
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the vessel for quite some time it was arrested at the end of last month in the arctic of waters. in the russian arctic waters and all thirty people on board the vessel have been charged with piracy the netherlands have requested that russia release the greenpeace activists and the crew of the vessel i love but it doesn't look like that is going to be a likely development anytime soon so their wishes. to cling to countries are rather strange in this recent development doesn't doesn't look very promising in that area . the financial storm has been ravaging the eurozone doesn't seem to have put off chinese businesses investment in europe spring growing steadily in recent years with beijing buying up companies all across the continent let's take a look at the news wall at some of the bigger deals in twenty ten a chinese car maker decided it was easier rather than competing to take over its swedish rival valvo then in january last year german concrete make it the second
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largest in the field and sold to china the same month beijing acquired an italian york maker ferretti very nice two out months later is a reminder of the chinese form those of luxury goods the famous french fashion brand song the right call was sold for firm in hong kong china is also investing heavily in the u.k. buying shares in london's heathrow airport and pumping billions of pounds into the country's nuclear industry as polly boy reports next from the u.k. chinese money's already changing the face of the british capital to. this time last year it looked like the iconic london cab would be consigned to the history books after it's made because the financially troubled london taxi company went into administration chinese manufacturer g.d. which already owns volvo has stepped in and bought the company for eleven million pounds the factory is now back in business this part of the assembly process is called the marriage of the carriage where the shape of the taxi. meets with the
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shafi of the taxi here but it's a marriage between the chinese manufacturer and he and the london taxi company that managed to save a british icon from going out of production g.-d's pledged to invest in getting fifty million pounds into the coventry based business over the next five years promising to create jobs and develop new engines so the future really previously when we were an independent company the financial resources to continue to develop the product as we would like to. gives us the ability to develop. which we could have only dreamed of financial analysts have called it a win win situation comes back from the brink of extinction while a major chinese manufacturer gets to invest in an exciting new project but what does it say about the state of british industry business secretary vince cable called the chinese buyout
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a clear demonstration of the strength of the british car industry but the london cap is just the latest in a raft of u.k. businesses being sold off to foreign companies cadres chocolate is now american. indian and the british airports authority spanish to some it represents a hollowing out of corporate britain and i'm happy that it's not going to but it shows government policy for a long time now as encourage foreign companies to take over our british companies that means our british companies are not competitive across the globe. so we're not putting in the right tax policies we're not dealing with regulation that hinders these companies six welcome to have new investment it always is in the long term this takes away economic productivity from this country it means that staff and jobs are more liable to go because there's allegiance between the companies that are owned by foreign entities and their country rather than britain pieces been a cabbie for over forty years and has seen the london taxi company go through several british owners i hopped in for
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a ride and asked him how he feels about turning chinese this is a shame that it's not owned by a british company but it's better then going to the wall diameter companies that are still british they won't be faced with anything seen. i see london. and we've got much more about china's expanding investment abroad including story about a. vineyard in france's border region to online r.t. dot com. the annual key suburbs of asia pacific leaders of barley has just spoke about economics is year i guess unsurprisingly syria's once again become the focus of russia u.s. talks on the sidelines of the gathering with both the russian president and foreign minister praising the progress made on the elimination of the chemical weapons there how to support scotsman following the summit for. had been hyped that russian president vladimir putin and u.s. president barack obama would have been able to discuss the topic of syria on the
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fringes of this the economic summit apec here in bali however president obama's enforced absence today with the financial problems and continuing shutdown in the united states put paid to that however president vladimir putin saying that his absence would be a hinderance to the ongoing cooperation between the two nations today in a press conference is saying i believe that there is no need to hold meetings only for the sake of meeting him a person was not the only russian official he was speaking about syria today now in an exclusive interview with lottie russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov spoke about his hopes for a geneva two peace conference in mid november confirming a delegation from the syrian government is ready to talk at any time but he also says that the islamist extremists are the factions of islamist extremists in the opposition must be excluded from all discussions. because people are moving closer . to the free syrian army which is being portrayed as the secular opposition
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so the throne is. in the favor of. radicals among those who fight on the ground and there's no. sure if there's become picture of the americans but we must not talk to those people well the threat posed by islamic extremists hijacking the opposition movement is something that russia has long wanted to bounce and despite initial resistance to that interpretation of events lavrov says that the international community or some members of the international community are now coming away about way of thinking as the. situation of the ground as the real life was producing more and more fixed the bases for logics the more and more so about radicals through google called. because he would reject. people who already committed themselves through different produce she had
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difficulty of. admitting it would be wrong but because ruth. radicals ridgeley to. north africa region in general it's being understood more but all eyes are now on america's efforts to get a representative delegation from the opposition around the table and if they're successful then maybe syria can take the first steps towards a long sought after place. or go to bali where for a while the process of destroying syria's stockpile of chemical weapons may be making good progress the still no solution in sight to another severe crisis the conflicts created that are refugees the u.n. estimates that four million more syrians will be forced out of their homes soon and more than eight million will be in need of aid next year president of international committee of the red cross peter moore a told r.t. the only way to solve the refugee crisis is to get help to the people within syria in i.c.r.c.
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spur specked if the first and foremost important step to do is to improve the situation within syria so that those displaced within syria are not forced to become refugees either in neighboring countries or beyond so our effort at the present moment is to appeal to the international community to wall responsible countries to exert maximum influence on all parties in the syrian conflict to allow independent actors to do their work in syria we do not enough at the present moment because of the security situation because of the blockages amongst or between the syrian government and the armed opposition so we definitely and badly need to expand our operation in syria so that so that not more syrians become refugees and become at the stubble izing factor in the neighboring countries . what you know is he may have been obvious to the president plus the twelve year
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long u.s. led occupation of his country queues in washington a breaching up on the stand and causing chaos while it falls into the hands of the taliban. to send even pick to watch for the winter games in salt showed us a story across russia to stay with me but after this break. please it was a. very hard to take. long to.
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do that that would make their number. one of the people. well i'm not talking about language as well but i will only react to situations i have read the reports from. pollution and no i will leave that to the state department to comment on your latter point. to carry out
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a car as are you talking now is going to. take you no more weasel words. when you say in a direct question be prepared for a change when you throw a punch be ready for a. freedom of speech and let down the freedom to crush. a lot again now imagine a future scenario where impoverished french troops stormed the swiss border in an attempt to bring about the gold they believe was stolen from them stay with me the defending forces fight off the invasion to keep the banks safe peter all of a moron switzerland's latest war game. the idea of two western european nations going to war with each other may seem unthinkable however say exactly the contingency that the swiss military being preparing for an article in. newspaper
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it was revealed that the swiss armed forces had conducted war games and which they depicted an invasion by neighbors friends to find out a little bit more about this i'm joined by the author of that article. thanks very much for talking to me why did the swiss military think that this was necessary. well. there's a history to this in two thousand and twelve the swiss army already held exercises on the premise that europe slides into economic chaos and many immigrants flock into the country so this time around they went even further and created another legend suggesting that a financially stricken france breaks apart into warring regions one of the new countries that will appear it will be called so ionia a small but very nationalistic state ionia will have thirty percent unemployment huge debt and it will blame switzerland for creating this debt so saionji preparing
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an attack on switzerland to retrieve the money it had allegedly swiped from france so what's the reaction been in france to being portrayed as the invaders here. i don't the french media made fun of this in market we received lots of corn calls from the french press that they didn't take it seriously but in switzerland people are very serious about whatever the army does so public opinion is split some believe the story told for the drills was quite realistic and supports the idea of an exercise with this premise others think the swiss army put itself in a discrediting position. thank you very much so swiss war games underlining real tensions between neighbors and western europe. over a web site r.t. dot com breaking the cycle with this story last late last week but a tragic turn to it freedom came too late but r.t. dot com got the story of that u.s.
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man who'd served over forty years in jail for a crime parent he didn't commit now the last few days he died just hours after his release what a twist that was for the poor guy also to online a powerful typhoon battered child is southern provinces forcing tens of thousands of people to flee in its path and bring the public transport to a halt as well want to head to a in motion section there we've got stunning video of what they have to put up with right now. the president of afghanistan slammed the occupation by nato on its twelfth anniversary accusing allied troops of making the nation suffer and failing to uphold security the criticism comes at a crucial moment for the country seeking to hold its first democratic transition of power during next year's presidential election the taliban overthrown by the u.s. led forces over a decade ago recently promised to disrupt the move after nato pulls out all aspects security will be in the hands of the afghan army there meaning that they would have to deal with high risk militant areas that's now nearly half of the country but
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with elections around the corner director of the world can't wait antiwar group leaves the chaos caused by the invasion comes in handy for the radicals. this is an occupied country by the largest military in the world the biggest economy many billions of dollars up to a trillion dollars have been poured into afghanistan and the basic people are in worse shape than average there's plenty of deadly violence going on now but the civilian death toll is actually been higher in twenty twelve and then any other year of the us occupation this is created justifiably a population which is very much against the occupation and in some senses has been one to support the taliban which many people never supported before this all started the us has said and supported the taliban by creating such disasters around the country changed the moscow leg of the sochi winter olympics torch relays in its
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second and final day before it goes on incredible journey across the world just country. it was led by president putin carried or moscow by athletes and heroes and over the next four months than it will travel to some of the most unique places on earth and beyond. tells us what's next for the iconic symbol of the games. in a limpia handed over to russians on october the fifth in athens and delivered to moscow on the next day now the olympic flame has started its long and unique journey across the host country five time olympic champion and synchronized swimming and. was chosen to be the very first store to bear a fourteen thousand more will hand the flame to each other in the next four months among them people of a range of profiles and backgrounds including a special b.a.p.
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yes there's a lot of expectation on the in the beginning but on these games i think there's a lot because it's been a lot of preparation. a lot of work to do and i think it will be but i think it will be a great to go into. the twenty fourteen sochi games olympic torch relay has only just kicked off but it has already been branded as historic covering more than sixty five thousand kilometers across nearly three thousand cities towns and villages in russia it will become the longest storage relay in history and probably the most seen as well with almost one hundred thirty million people being within reachable distance of the relays route for the first time in history it will be taken for a space walk outside the international space station that's before descending to the bottom of the world's deepest lake baikal heading to the top of the world at north pole and scaling europe's highest peak russia's mountain. this is a unique opportunity to the united nations and a great way to explore russians themselves and because the torch.
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with the flame. single c.d.'s and. in this particular city the capital of the olympic games after two days in moscow the olympic torch will head further inland before ending up with the grand opening ceremony of the salt your winter olympic games in exactly one hundred twenty two days from now. the moscow. deal. torch is on its epic journey to such a. one hundred and twenty three days. through two thousand and nine hundred towns and cities of russia. relayed by fourteen thousand people or sixty five thousand killings. in a record setting trip by land air sea and others face. a limp dick torch relay. on r t r g dot com.
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for the world's top stories in brief not a soft new north korea's army has been put on an island off the u.s. military ships including aircraft carrier moved into the south korean fault for naval drills warned washington of serious consequences and ordered its military to be fully ready to launch an operation that comes despite the recent forward relations on the korean peninsula which led to the reopening of that joint iran industrial path. still when the blows nobody any good they say u.s. billionaire warren buffett's and ten billion dollars in payoffs from companies he loaned money to during the financial crisis in two thousand and eight according to the wall street journal the cash accounts for almost half of his company's profit buffett's one of the world's richest men with a bank roll of over sixty billion dollars. a pakistani survive the taliban attacks received threats from the militant group malala yousafzai was shot
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in the head last october for her campaign for women's education write something strongly opposed by the taliban the threats to life came just days after the teenager received the politkovskaya human rights award and was named as a favorite to win the nobel peace prize. having the tables turned next in the u.s. a surveillance cameras captured the scene of an attempted robbery this video as you can see showing the cashier of a new york food store standing up to the thief in fact pulling out a machete before chasing we are man through the parking lot local police are currently looking for the robber. for years education was an essential step on the way to a decent job but in crisis it more and more graduates of finding themselves unemployed these days with greece and spain having the most unsettling statistics in fact every second student in spain is out of work with little hope of finding a secure job as artists or further reports europe's than employees there are often
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called the lost generation is perhaps not the most at descriptions given that when you speak to young people here they know exactly where they are and how tough the situation they're in is here in spain youth unemployment now stands at all the fifty five percent that coming at a time when the spanish government says that things are slowly getting better back any grief had it worse in europe we'll be speaking to some of the students here to find out how they're going to be facing the challenges that lie ahead. it's the start of a new academic year and for many of these students it will be the final year at university but with almost knowing hundred thousand jobless used in spain accounting for a quarter of the three point five million unemployed under twenty five's across the usa according to your figures and the prospect of graduating isn't exactly a cause for celebration well i don't feel very good about that. i
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see people like. to take a job or work or they can't and. maybe if we. you know i think. we want. to out. at the moment we we. we don't know. three years. shows that in fact many spanish east are doing just that choosing to go abroad a worrying sign for a country who will need a young dynamic workforce to help it out of its economic crisis the government have gotten reforms in a bit to appease tiring of these students impacted so you. may well see you know there are things. like she company news continues
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thirty five minutes time with me kevin owen coming up breaking the set of martin examines the latest u.s. terror raids in africa it's an actual. i recently read headlines all over the russian internet screaming in full paranoia mode that china has just bought five percent of ukraine now they're writing that china will lease five percent of ukraine over ukrainian officials themselves claim that china won't be getting either and that this is a deal about some drip irrigation system the situation didn't explode onto the internet to the fantasies of bloggers the south china morning post reported that
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one company does have a crop and pig farming plan design utilized nine percent of ukraine's territory also last year the ban on foreigners buying land ukraine ed coincidently been lifted although i am the distrustful pro sovereignty type getting a rich foreign country to pay to develop your nation's agriculture might not be too bad of a deal it would definitely take a lot of money to restore ukraine's farming to its former glory they see that ukraine used to be the bread basket of europe agree that status spec could really help the country but selling off or even just leasing nine percent of the nation's territory is absolutely unacceptable doing a large project with the chinese that is mutually beneficial is one thing but selling or leasing off your country is another and by another i mean treason but that's just my opinion.
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i'm happy martin this is breaking the set well the tokyo electric power company is officially one of the worst companies in the world see there's been an other discover that they become a nuclear plant and this time it's one of those thousand tanks housing radioactive water you know this is really starting to get old tepco is responsible for what seems like one catastrophe after another since two thousand and eleven earthquake first they lied about the scope of the damage then they had the fact that three hundred towns tons of radioactive water has been leaking in the pacific every. day for the last two years and now another week and ted goes poorly built storage tanks is responsible for spilling another three hundred tons of radioactive water into the ocean and if that isn't ridiculous enough just check out today's headline worker accidently switches off cooling pumps seriously oh i'm glad there's so much room for human error with such a deadly technology you know i was to the point thinking that ted goes deliberately
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trying to destroy the planet and if you're an american seafood are all concerned with radioactive fish and in up on your plate you should be because ninety one percent of imported seafood is not being inspected during the government shutdown so while congress continues to act like petulant children i guess we'll hope for the best. the that. it was a. very hard to take on. the. one that had sex with senator craig there are those. that believe.